Refrigerated storehouse

In our sunny country, during the harvest season, fruits and vegetables are bought from our farmers and then cleaned, sorted and packed in modern containers and then offered to our domestic markets.

Also a certain amount of products are placed for long-term storage into 1,000 (one thousand) tonnes and 10212 (ten thousand two hundred and twelve) tonnes of refrigerated storehouses installed with energy-saving innovative technologies, built and commissioned by leading European companies.

Thus, all year round, it contributes the creation of abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables in our markets.

The construction of a 10212-ton refrigerated storehouse

In Mary, Bayramhan Street, a high-speed construction of a refrigerated storehouses complex with a simultaneous production capacity of 10212 (ten thousand two hundred and twelve) tons of vegetables and melons storing, cleaning, sorting and packaging as well as processing possibility, is underway. 

This complex is to be equipped with energy-saving innovative technologies by developed European manufactures. 

A greenhouse for growing bananas and citrus

Our company is constructing a complex of modern greenhouses for the cultivation of bananas and citrus fruits on 50 hectares of land in Vekilbazar district of Mary province.